As a way of handling the huge influx of new players, and using lessons learned from previous years in Novice and the lack of no new diamonds, we have done the following:

  1. Created a new division “ROOKIE” with six teams of all grade one players which will spend more time learning “plays” in the game. Their year end event is being discussed but may not be a championship game but rather a celebration of their skills.
  2. We have created 12 Novice teams made up of mostly grade 2 and 3’s which will play in two different conferences BLUE (teams 1-6) and ORANGE (teams 7-12) each with their own championship followed by a SUPER Championship on the final Saturday.

Rookie Division

Rookie games are Thursday nights on a ball diamond. 

Rookie (grade 1) A few years ago we added a new division called Transition – a division designed to get players from Tball to traditional softball. It is a place where coaches on both teams help all players to learn the basic skills outlined in our FUNdamental skills on the website.

The next “hurdle” to overcome is the concept of “plays” in softball. In previous years most grade ones were placed in Novice B, and the more experienced players were placed in Novice A.

Novice B players often had no idea why a player was out in some instances since they were just following commands to “touch a base” or “throw it to a base”. All grade 1’s will now be placed in Rookie where  coaches can take some time to actually teach fundamental plays. For that reason games will have an extended practice session at the beginning.

The league’s ball diamond locations and rainout policy is described here.

2018 Rookie Rules

2019 Rookie Schedule

Novice Division

Novice games are Wednesday nights. Diamonds are set up by 6:00 PM so teams can warm up and have games be underway by 6:30 PM.

Novice ( grades 2 – 3) is special division. It is the first time that players have to deal with striking out and playing the position of catcher with a responsibility to make plays at home plate. Novice has 12 teams 1-6 play in the Blue Conference, teams 7-12 play in the Orange Conference.

A look at the rules will show that Novice is the first step towards the experience in Junior and Senior.


The three main focus points are hitting, catching and “making plays”.

The league’s ball diamond locations and rainout policy is described here.

2019 Novice Schedule