FUNdamental Skills

FUNdamental Skills

Barrhaven Children’s Softball Skills Checklist

The league’s rules and game set ups are designed to keep pace with the physical and emotional development of our players. As players mature, more is expected from them. The goal is to develop players who have not only skills but an attitude that they can take with them into the real world away from the diamond. The two greatest sources of motivation for your child is parent involvement on game night and parent involvement at home “practicing” skills.


Some skills are common to all programs and divisions and make a good place to start.

Have Fun – Tigers Always Show Their Teeth!


  • Head up
  • Eyes on the prize
  • Arms bent and pumping
  • Run like it’s a race
  • Don’t slow down until you reach the base
  • No collisions

  • Look at where you want to throw
  • Turn and face the direction
  • Throw hard
  • Step through the throw


Catching a throw or hit in the air:

  • Ready position
  • Open your eyes
  • Decide what to do after the catch
  • Eye on the ball
  • Move to the ball
  • Open the glove
  • Glove position on ground
  • Body square to the ball
  • Two hands for a catch
  • Ball out of the glove and ready to throw
Catching on the ground:

  • Ready position
  • Call for the ball
  • Get to the ball
  • Block the ball – be a goalie
  • Glove on ground
  • Crocodile with the free hand
  • Quickly get the ball out of the glove

  • Hands tight together
  • Bat off the shoulder
  • Back shoulder up
  • Feet dug in
  • Hips relaxed
  • Eye on the ball
  • Start the swing early
  • Swing hard

Teams get better when they practice – diamonds can be booked on a weekly basis by contacting the league office.