Fields and Rainout Policy

Ball Diamonds

Field #Field NameMap Link
(Moloughney Park)
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2Heritage Park
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3Weybridge Park[Show on map] →
4Jockvale Elementary
(back yard)
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5Larkin Park[Show on map] →
6Grovehurst Park[Show on map] →
7Utman Park[Show on map] →
8Foxfield Park
(Neil Nesbitt Park)
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Barrhaven Baseball

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Rainout Policy

Whether a game is rained out is not a simple decision. Barrhaven is large enough that rain can “miss” a diamond. The diamonds differ in their ability to drain. Teams differ in their willingness to play in the mud.

There are a few guiding “rules’ for cancelling a game:

  • The decision to cancel a game is made at the diamond at 6:30 by a majority vote of the two coaches and the ump. Sometimes players will not show up thinking it has rained enough to cancel this game. this is a dangerous decision since teams must have 6 players or they forfeit the game.
  • Games that have been started can be postponed for later completion (instead of canceled) if parties can agree. Sometimes this just involves waiting until the rain passes. A full game is defined as three innings. If a game is to be completed at a later date then the last full inning serves as a starting point for the completion.
  • Games can be rescheduled and made up on a Saturday or Sunday or any day that a diamond is available.